Monday, 6 February 2012

February Already!? Street Party and The Westbury Gigs

2012 is flying by!! Cant believe its February already..Last month and last week in particular was very hectic.

Pangaea festival in Manchester was epic and we were also playing the main stage at the Take The Whole Cake Street Party on 31st January - Check the Full lineup below:

As you can see we were meant to be playing early and warming up but a last minute change around meant that we took 1-2am on the main stage in between the headliners Ms Dynamite and Kano - Was an absolute sick night!! Below is a photo our friend Madam X took whilst we were DJ'ing and I'll upload the  video of the night when we have it as well! 

Onto this month - We're gonna be playing at The Westbury on Friday alongside the legendary DJ Luck and MC Neat and our good friend and one of the best DJs I know - Larry Sun - Poster Below - give us a shout on our fbook if your comin.

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